Lightweight Widget FOR YOUR WEBSITE

Provide your players with an easy transition into the world of esports betting, by adding esports navigator to your offer.

Display clear insights coupled with a weight factor, and give your punters the push they need to place their bets in esports.

Fast and easy

Esports Navigator is installed using a simple iframe,  which ensures seamless integration with any platform. 

Fully Customizable

Apart from the widgets being tailored to your sportsbook,  you get access to administration panel which gives you full control over what is displayed on your website.

Why does it work?

Let’s investigate the user experience of an average punter, trying his luck in esports betting.

Upon arriving at the dedicated section on his favorite sportsbook, he is confronted with the list of matches and raw odds data.

Assuming that he has no previous experience with esports, he might ask himself at this point – what am I looking at? Why should I bet on any of those teams, if I know nothing about them, or the reasons for those odds to be as they are?

Simple solution

At this point, he might get entirely discouraged, or leave the sportsbook to look for this information somewhere else – possibly on an affiliate website which will direct him to the alternative with a more developed esports section.

What lacks in this scenario is a source of basic insights, that will make it easier for new players to justify their decision, and place their bet on the spot. 

What lacks in this scenario is Esports Navigator.

In case of additional questions, please contact us at

In case of additional questions, please contact us at:

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