Job Description

We are a young and modern company, built around proactive and autonomous people.

Due to the fast growth rate we are looking for creative and quality oriented individuals with a growth oriented mindset, to supercharge our team of developers.

We are offering a stress free but highly productive environment, with lots of autonomy granted to the individuals in return for their dependability, quality orientation and good communication skills.

Our teams consist of several people, depending on the project we are using Agile and sprint-based workflow.

Technologies we use:

  • Typescript, React, Vue, React-Native, Next.js, Apollo, MobX, Recoil, Formik, Framer Motion, SASS, Styled Components, React-Admin
  • Express.js, Nest.js, Postgraphile, Hasura, Knex, TypeOrm, Mongoose
  • Docker, AWS, GraphQL, REST, Jenkins, Kubernates, docker-compose, GitHub, Sentry, Husky, eslint, prettier, Webpack


  • Salary: 4 – 6k (UoP brutto, B2B netto)
  • Flexible Schedule with Remote Work Possibility
  • Modern Office with Startup Atmosphere
  • Min 2 days/week stationary work (in the office)


  • Skilled and excited about React-Native and React.js 🙂
  • Min. 6 month experience in commercial projects using React-Native and both iOS and Android platforms
  • Solid understanding of iOS and Android environments
  • Ability to use (IDE) XCode
  • Basics of Functional Programming
  • ES6+ and TypeScript
  • Good idea of HTTP Requests anatomy
  • Knowledge of VCS (GIT)
  • B2/C1 in English

Additional points for:

  • Fastlane, AppCenter, Gitlab CI/CD skill
  • Experience in shipping commercial builds of iOS applications (AppStrone Connect, Apple Developer Console)
  • Interesting portfolio
  • Rest API, GraphQL experience
  • Integration and unit testing skills, TDD
  • Interest in online betting or affiliate marketing
  • Entrepreneurial spirit

About us


gambling industry Innovation Developers

Our Core Focus is on developing innovative betting products

Disciplined and driven

We are a company of Linchpins – self disciplined and highly motivated individuals, who take extra pride in the quality of engineering and service we offer to our clients.

Friendly work environment

We put extra effort into making sure that the work environment we create is comfortable and stress free for our team members. At the end of the day, we are group of positive people, who simply like working with each other. 

See our social media to get to know us better!

Where you can find us

Our adress

Pojezierska 95B,
91-341 Lodz,

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