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5 things I would kill myself for everyone to know

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1. God does exist, we just don’t understand what it really means.


What is God?

God is you. God is everything. God is the ultimate and highest understanding of the fact of living. Of the fact that you exist.

And yet, it is so hard to comprehend. That is why we use simplifications. The kingdom of God. The spirit. The Shiva. The Shakti. The Father. The Son.

But the truth is always in the fact itself, not in the naming of it. You can know anything there is to know about shakti, but unless you really give into it’s true meaning, unless you really are it for a moment, you will not touch the truth of what it really is.

God can be grasped only by the experiencing of God itself. Not by talking about it and giving it names.

That is why God will always be something to be grasped for. God will always get away from you a little bit, for when you are finally one with it, you cease to exist. At least that which you think you are ceases to exist.

But there are things that you can touch before you realize the highest state of divinity. You can touch synchronicity.

You can touch the fact that life is not random. Not in the slightest bit. Life is not random. Life is calculated and always perfect. Always. Always exactly the way it must be in order to guide us on our journey. We are just blind to that. We are blind to the fact that everything happens for a reason, and there is no way whatsoever that it would be that way without the cosmos being much more intelligent than we are. It would be utterly impossible if there wasn’t some higher intelligence pulling the strings and guiding the reality in the direction that serves all and each at the same time.

We are blind to that though. We are blind to those little things.

And yet, we can start to see.

2. Life does not happen to you. It happens for you.

Once you grasp the reality of this short statement, everything changes. Everything.

In each and every situation you can start seeing that there is a blessing in there. That what is happening has a lot of good in it. That there is always an upside that makes it all worthwhile. That there is a lesson, or better, a number of lessons that you can take for yourself, and make your life into the realization of pure love and divinity.

3. Your dreams are meant to be realized. Everything in them.

Although it sounds a bit drastic, it is actually true. Everything that you dream of, everything that shows up in you as a vision, (as longing of the heart) can be realized. Is meant to be realized. You just have to bow down and serve. Bow down and serve. Serve that which is calling you for good. That which tells you that there is a truth that you need to realize. That which helps other beings, and lets them enjoy existence at the highest level possible.

Dreams happen for a reason. Don’t ever resign from them out of fear that they will not be realized. Don’t resign from them out of fear of not being up for the challenge.

You are up for the challenge. And you are meant to realize that which you see, and which your heart is longing for.

4 . Life is a perfect Game

That one is best told with a story.

Imagine you go to a next-gen cinema, that claims to have created a fully immersive experience that is pretty much the same as real life. You are a bit sceptical, nevertheless after your friend’s enthusiastic recommendation, you decide to give it a try.

At the entrance a well dressed lady welcomes you, and shows you your place to sit. It looks more like a scientific device than a cinema chair, with a lot of needles, lights and electric parts that will all be connected to you during your experience. With a little fit of initial stress in you, after a moment of hesitation, you decide to sit down and give it a try.

The lady explains to you that ‘the connection’ will happen in 6 stages. The first one of them is seeing.

You feel little tingling when a number of electric probes are connected to you at the height of your eyes, but it all goes very smoothly. When the current comes through you, at an instant you stop seeing that which you saw previously, but are instead connected to the person you are about to experience in the movie. You are very much interested to see that you indeed see like the other person would. You can move your head and see the surroundings, with all the details that the person you are now ‘experiencing’ would see.

Within a few seconds you realize that you are in a green garden, with nothing else than a big tree in the middle, and one little bird on its branches. You don’t hear anything though, as if the place was muted, but the vision is extremely vivid and real.

The next step are the smells. Once again you feel a moment of tingling on your face and at the back of your head, but as previously, the whole thing happens almost instantly. Out of the sudden you can smell the grass, the tree, and the fresh scent of the wind. You can smell exactly as if you were truly in this almost empty garden.

For a moment there you forget that you are really sitting somewhere else, but the voice of the lady brings you back. ‘Prepare for the third and fourth stage, it might hurt a bit more than previously’.

Without a moment for you to protest, you feel a number of needles connecting to you all around your body. It indeed does hurt for a little while, but when the pain subsides, you realize that you feel the grass underneath you. You feel as if your legs were much stronger and healthier than they are in real life. You feel the body sensations of the person you are about to experience fully.

But not only that — you are feeling not only the outside touch sensations. You feel also within. The emotions of the person in the garden you are being connected to are from now on your emotions. You no longer feel nervousness and a bit of stress that you felt when being connected. You are now peaceful. The same as the person sitting in the empty garden you are about to experience totally.

There are two more things that keep you from being fully immersed in the experience though.

First of all, the reality you are experiencing is still muted, and you can still hear the voice of the lady, and the machinery that is keeping you connected. ‘Prepare for the fifth stage — the sounds. From now on you will not hear me anymore’ the lady says, and a moment later something switches — you no longer hear anything resembling a machine and a voice of the lady, instead of that you are absorbed with the silence, broken from time to time with the singing of the bird, and the sound of the leaves dancing in the delicate wind.

‘This is truly amazing’ you think. ‘I wonder what will happen next’. ‘I hope there will actually be something more in this story than only a tree and a bird’. Even though you are everything the hero of the story is, as far as sensations are concerned, there is one more thing that keeps reminding you that you are in reality not that person. This thing are your thoughts. The sixth stage that is about to happen to you are your thoughts. Or rather — taking away your thoughts from you, and exchanging them with the ones experienced by the hero of the story you are about to be fully immersed into.

It happends with no warning whatsoever. You switch totally. From now on you experience also the thoughts of the hero of the story. He is no longer a stranger to you. You are him. Or rather — you are experiencing him. Experiencing the story that he is about to experience in the same way that he would, or better — in the same way that he is.

But you are not him. You might be his thoughts, his vision, his hearing, his smell, his emotions and his sensations, but you are not him. You are the person connected to the chair somewhere there in the ‘true reality’. You are the watcher. Even with all those things taken away from you, or rather, installed in you, you are still the watcher. The part that sees stays the same.

Now the key that one has to understand in order to make his or her life so much easier, is that we are all the part that sees. We are all the watcher. The one thing that is the same for all of us, that can be identified, and remained within.

Consciousness. Pure consciousness. Being. Isness. Experiencing.

The watcher.

Same for all of us, for we are one in it. Same for all of us, for we are truly one eternal being, that is experiencing something that was created for the sole reason of being experienced.

Now — imagine this watcher to be infinitely intelligent, omnipotent, and containing all there is to know and all there is to contain. Imagine this watcher to be creating something perfect, creating an experience that simply could not have been better, for the creator of it is infinitely intelligent and perfect in its nature.

Imagine, or better — ask yourself, what kind of experience would it close itself in, if it were to experience it for eternity? What kind of Game would this infinitely intelligent being create? What would be the rules of this Game? What would be its final goal? What would be its final meaning?

Ask yourself those questions, view the world from this lens, and you will find all the answers connecting in one simple narrative, one simple sentence — life is a perfect Game, and we are all the one perfect being experiencing it.

And this Game is not random. Not random in the slightest bit. It is perfect. Perfectly balanced and thought through. And once you see that, once you realize that, you will no longer ask what is suffering, and why do you exist. You will just experience. In love and awe for the glory of God, and his ultimately perfect creation. And you will learn to come back. Learn to come back to the watcher, to the purest part of you. To the part of you which is truly real, which is the realest from everything and anything that has ever existed in the galaxy and the cosmos.

Pure consciousness. Experiencing its final creation.

Life is perfect. Let’s enjoy it for it was made to be enjoyed.

5. Ask yourself what the perfect game would look like, and you will understand the answers to the living.

You will understand what life is, and how to live it.

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